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Who knew that a child labeled “Reluctant Reader” would grow up to write and publish dozens of books for children? Yeah, that’s me.


I was born in Killeen, Texas on a cold January day in 1954. My family moved around a lot, allowing me to, over the years, live on a farm, in an historic home and always near rivers or bayous. My playthings were hula-hoops, old typewriters and a wooden leg named Charlie. (Yep, you read that right.) If you want a true glimpse of my childhood dreams, read my novel, Man in the Moon. The character Janine allows you inside my young mixed-up mind.


Since I grew up among tall tales and family stories, storytelling is in my blood. I've entertained at numerous schools, libraries, museums and festivals since 1993. I especially take pride in my vast collection of original stories and folk tales, and specialize in “participation” stories, allowing my audience to join in the fun.


I’ve lived most of my life in Houston and still live there today. You’ll find me here reading, writing and smiling.




Here I am on the cover of Llewellyn's New Worlds magazine for Sept/Oct 2004. The cover photo was done by Lanette Filstrup. She's the best! You can see more of Lanette's work at www.magicalmemoriesstudio.com.



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