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Curious about the future? Do you ask yourself questions like – Will I be rich? Will I be famous? Will I travel around the world? Since ancient times people have foretold the future, and they didn’t need a crystal ball to do it. Here are some fun and easy methods of predicting what is to come.


Cloud Watching

Go outside on a nice cloudy day and pick out a cloud to represent you. This part is easy – it will be your favorite cloud. Watch the cloud carefully. Notice the shape, the color, and the movement.

If the cloud stays big, fat and fluffy, happiness is coming your way. If the cloud turns tall and thin, you’ll have an important decision to make. If the cloud is white, you’ll be popular with your friends. If the cloud is gray, you’ll be helping a friend in need. If the cloud splits in two, you’ll soon be taking a trip. If the cloud is moving South, you’ll have an unexpected visitor. If the cloud is moving North, you’ll soon be getting some money. If the cloud is traveling East, you’ll receive some good news. If the cloud is traveling West, you’ll soon be meeting your sweetheart. If the cloud stays still, you might get rained on.


Yes Or No?

There are many questions about the future that need only a “yes” or “no” answer. Try one of these methods:

Roll a pair of dice. Add the two numbers together. Even numbers mean yes. Odd numbers mean no.

Flip a coin. Heads is yes. Tails is no.

Shuffle a deck of cards. Turn up the top card. A red card means yes. A black card means no.

Tie a key to a piece of string. Hold the string steady so the key hangs very still. Think of your question. The key will automatically move in a circle. Clockwise means yes. Counterclockwise means no.


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