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Written by Dotti Enderle

Published by Calkins Creek Books


With his family in turmoil and fence-cutters destroying his farm, thirteen-year-old Jesse faces more than the stifling drought of 1883. Dwindling water supplies have driven desperate cattlemen to snip fences in order to water their herds—targeting Jesse’s farm several times. When a lone drifter arrives in town, he’s quickly hired to work the farm. It should be a relief to have the extra help, but Jesse suspects the man is more than just a hired hand and is determined to uncover his mysterious secret. For more information, click here.


Man in the Moon

Written by Dotti Enderle

Published by Delacorte Press


Set in rural Texas in 1961, one restless girl finds hope for her ailing brother and faltering family in the form of a mysterious drifter. Man in the Moon - a novel about the magic that lives in all of us. For more information, click here.



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